First Click Media provides access to its FastSMS (Services). This is realized through anaccount that allows the users to send short messages (bulk SMS) and send up to 160 characters in SMS format to the recipients defined in the user’s database.

FastSMS (Services) will attempt to deliver all of the bulk SMS messages that the user have addressed to FastSMS (Services).

We integrate global data security standards and offer you a trusted environment along with a fast sms service that assists you in your corporate campaigns.

FastSMS (sms services) has a network of its Marketing team, a regular and prompt back end support team along with a network of its Channel and technology partners, contributing to complete client satisfaction.

Fast SMS provides all its clients a magnificent solution for one - to - one messaging, individual or personalized bulk SMS through its gateway, ideally supporting any Text or Microsoft Excel files from your desktop itself.

FastSMS services follow global data security standards and offer a trusted environment specializes as a campaigner, assisting you as a quick communicator, helps in adding sale & Advertising with a sense of customer support and care.


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