Campaign Manager.


Campaign manager

      Many times you are using all resources for increase your sales or business by online sms marketing to your existing customers

database, for after sometimes the saturations level comes in existing clients list. Hence affected prospective level. Campaign

manager will take care to you for target the customer. Campaign manager is a virtual concept where companies experts and

support team will guide you to how to target your customers. Campaign manager has a vast databank according to Name, gender,

age, segment, address, pin code, city. Database updating has managed in time by time with DND filtrations. You can use database

for campaigning sms from our side according to your target customer.

        Sometimes clients has their customers list but not able to do sms or campaigning at their side due to Lack of experts, or

support person has not to worry, our team will do sms according to you and behalf of you .from our back office. By help of FTP

SERVER FILE UPLOAD systems or http or xml API connectivity with direct operates multiple sms gateways configurations.

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