Excel Plugin :-

Send SMS through Fast SMS Excel Plugin:

Why Excel Plugin:

Our excel plugin option facilitate to clients to send sms direct from desktop saved file

Without going  to SMS website.

Our Excel plug-in gives the facility to send the bulk SMS through Excel sheet.

How to Send SMS through Fast SMS Excel Plugin:

Three simple steps –

1 Create & save file (one time)

2 Login to fastsms shortcut

3 Send sms

1 Create & save file

- Open Excel sheet and insert data in to Excel sheet and save it on C drive as FastSMS.xlxs

-. Add header name for each columns to first row of Excel sheet e.g. Mobile Number, name.

-. Required field: The Excel sheet must contain mobile numbers.

-  Excel sheet can create according to own need Below is one example of Excel sheet, which contain Mobile number, name of the

persons and their respective balance.


2 Login to fastsms shortcut

- Install Fast SMS Excel plug-in from www.fastsms.co.in .after installing go to start ->All programs and click on Fast SMS Excel  
- The window will ask you to enter loginId and password.
- Enter loginId and password and click on login.
- Following window will appear


3 Send sms

- Select SenderId from SenderID dropdown list.
- Select the cell in which mobile number is stored in select mobile cell.
- If you don’t want to send message to all excel entries then enter   cell range 1 from cell, to last  cell
- Type message as per your need
- You can add Template message to your message by clicking on Template message.
- You can insert data variable mansion in excel sheet to compose message by follow the process

  To insert column data to message from excel e.g. to add   names from above excel sheet for personalized SMS select the cell in which it i.e.  In this case we have to select B then click on ADD.

- You can send personalized SMS i.e.  Suppose you want to send the message“Hello Ajay, your Balance is 2000” and “Hello Rajesh, your Balance is 3000”
“Hello |B|, your balance is |c| “
  Here |B| contain name column values for corresponding mobile number, and |C| contain Balance column values for corresponding mobile number.

- After entering all values click on SendSMS to send SMS

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